• 有限会社アイディーエル/ IDL corporation


    Tadahito Ishibashi established the IDL Corporation in Tokyo, Japan in 2005, aiming to provide the industrial design that satisfies both aesthetics and value truly demanded by the customers.
    Our experience as former in-house designers brought highly sophisticated design skills and knowledge for mass production, which are further strengthened by the business insight by Ishibashi’s past career as a business consultant for major manufacturers.
    Currently we are providing broad consulting services on design and product development for the leading corporations both in Japan and internationally. A wide range of the advanced, innovative design projects is work in progress.

  • 石橋 忠人 Tadahito Ishibashi, Product designer/ Founder


    Born in 1970, Graduated from the Chiba university. Ishibashi has strong product design background from 8 year experience as an in-house designer for the Kenwood Corporation.
    Later he established his practice as a business consultant for major electronic and medical device manufacturers. Since the IDL Corporation was formed in 2005, it received many prominent design awards including the Good Design Award by Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
    Since becoming independent in 2005.
    Ishibashi was also selected as one of the designers for the overseas projects produced by METI, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2010 and 2011.
    Lecturer for HOSEI University faculty of engineering and design in 2016-.
    Jury of GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2023-.